Live a Life of Passion, Purpose, & Poise with Law of Attraction, Vision Boards & other Powerful Tools for Transformation


Date(s) - 02/19/2020
6:30 pm - 8:30 pm

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Learn how the Law of Attraction (LOA) really works in this two-session course. Discover how to actually manifest the life you’ve been dreaming of. Learn new, never revealed before, insights into how it all works.

For the past 2 years Takara has been co-developing, with Mark Boldizar, the New Science of Success. Utilizing his background in science and process improvement, her background in engineering and process improvement, his interest in Science of Mind, The Secret, and LOA along with her interest in achieving human potential, LOA, metaphysics, and personal transformation, they were able to discover all the ingredients necessary to utilize LOA like never before to achieve the outcomes you desire most. And, to understand precisely what needs to change if it hasn’t been working for you.

Turbo-boost your business and your life utilizing Law of Attraction, vision boards, and other transformational tools and insights.

Whether you’ve done vision boards before (even with Takara) or are new to “envisioning” your future into reality, you are sure to gain much from this highly interactive workshop. A few things the class includes:

  • how to get clear about what you want,
  • learn how LOA really works including the exact formula,
  • 5 practices Takara highly recommends to help you manifest,
  • 9 things standing in your way and ways to “fix” those,
  • how to best let the Universe know what it is that you desire based on something you might have never thought of,
  • powerful guided meditations / visualizations that greatly accelerate the process,
  • numerous ways to make vision boards – things Takara has learned & “received” direct from Source
  • numerous stories of her own wildly successful use of LOA, vision boards, and other tools for transformation – that is guaranteed to spark insight about what you can do in your own life
  • plus much more
  • We will be cutting out magazine images and words and building our boards, making them beautiful and meaningful.

Takara is very successful at manifesting and helping others achieve their dreams. She sets goals and achieves them including acquiring sports cars, great jobs, exotic trips, a husband, living in locations most people only visit on vacation (Santa Fe, NM, Southern California, the San Juan Islands, Fiji). She is a 3-time bestselling author.

Mark, her business partner in the New Science of Success, was recently interviewed by Jack Canfield for an entire segment of his new TV show that will be airing this year.

Takara students have manifested:

  • new jobs;
  • raises;
  • moves across the country;
  • more than one has married a millionaire after working with Takara and the products and programs she offers;
  • several have left their current career to pursue their passion;
  • one left the U.S. to travel the globe receiving lavish abundance all the while;
  • another has become world famous and travels and teaches worldwide;
  • 20+ have become bestselling authors themselves;
  • one hadn’t been able to get pregnant. Then, after a single session with Takara, she became pregnant with twins;
  • several have significantly reduced their level of long-term pain.

Imagine what you can do with her teachings!

Fee includes a workbook and vision board materials. Bring a pair of scissors, old magazines (libraries often have some) if possible, & printouts of things you know you want in your life.


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