What Do You Want Most in Your Life?


Date(s) - 07/19/2020
5:00 pm - 6:00 pm

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Create Your Ideal Vision with Hannah Dyer, Life Coach
Come with a specific goal in mind to focus on! Hannah will assist you to work through your belief system to help you accomplish your goal.
2 part class, Sundays (7-19-20 & 7-26-20), $30 total, payment through cash or Venmo (https://venmo.com/Hannah-Dyer-22)
Hannah Dyer is a certified Life Coach and has been helping students accomplish their goals through her teachings for 2 years.
Hannah specifically targets the belief system of each student, so they can align with their ideal vision in life.
Through her own teachings, she has helped herself accomplish:
-Tripling her monthly income.
-The freedom and resources to travel as often as she’d like.
-The opportunities to pursue her ideal career path.
-Healing of self love after a long term toxic relationship and attracting better relationships.
-Strong spiritual connection and intuition.
Hannah’s students have accomplished a variety of goals such as:
-Coping with anxiety through spiritual development.
-Manifesting money.
-Manifesting a relationship.
-Rebuilding self love after toxic relationships.
-Healing self worth and overcoming personal insecurity.
Hannah’s teachings will work for a variety of different kinds of goals because the teachings are psychology based. She is also holistic and includes a lot of spirituality in her teachings.
As long as you put in the effort required on your part, you will go to the next level of your life and accomplish your goals at hand, so you can live more of your ideal life.
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